Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thing 23

What next?

Well, I've finally got here! Due to being really busy at work I have found that I haven't done one "Thing" per week, more like I've done about 5 in a week to try to catch up! It would have been better to try to dedicate an hour or so a week to the program but that is easier said than done at the start of term in particular!

We are just about to do appraisals and CPD plans at work so this is quite timely, I've identified some training that I need for in college projects, hopefully the training will be sorted out after Christmas. I will be having a look at the Professioanl Knowledge and Skill Base before my appraisal to see if there are any other thingsto work on.

I think the 23 Things for CPD has been a really good program to work through, I have learnt about lots of new tools to use and has been a chance for reflection, I would definitely recommend other staff to do the course if it "runs" again!

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